Andreea The Narrative


Music has always been a passion for Andreea. It started when she was eight years old when she acquired a broken old acoustic guitar that she restored with the aid of her mother. After years of formal music education and countless hours playing, Andreea began the natural progression into songwriting.  Andreea has always tried to be genuine, honest and different musically.

Her sound is best described as a mix of the Coffeehouse sound and Canadian Indie Rock. With the modest success of her 2013 release “The Narrative” and then the followup 2016 release of  the rather ambitious “Haunted Former Lives”.This release takes from the previous works and builds on that foundation with a greater focus on creating an emphasis of being her true to herself and her craft.

In 2023  the coloborative track “Dystopia” with CNYK was released on International Women's Day, which was stretigic and well timed. The introspective and observationality was a clear representation of the world and the state of society.

Her other creative and engaging endeavours are as an independent podcaster, journalist for North Sask Music Zine, Plant-based Vegan Living and Tattooing.  

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